about us

Economies in Numbers


Economies In Numbers (EIN) is a platform that aims to integrate economic theories with economic analyses of individual countries on a macroeconomic level. We provide explanations of countries’ economic performances through a variety of tools that help the readers to understand the issues at hand fast.

Our Vision

Improve economic literacy across the widest possible range of people to make economics more approachable to the wider population.

Increase data and analyses generation to keep up with the rising demand for easily accessible information.

Deliver clear and precise data analysis of multiple countries.

Manage a platform where people can learn more about economics, starting with the basics, and moving up more complex economics theories and researches.

Our Mission

Assist individuals and enterprises to understand economies in light of theories of economics.

Provide both descriptive and inferential analyses of economic policies undertaken by different countries.

Demystify economics by eliminating the discomfort people feel about it.

Make economic theories understandable to society by simplifying them.

Why EIN?

We consider ourselves society’s small-scale problem solvers. Our goal to offer relevant data, analyses, and solutions for prevalent societal economic issues.

We provide simple content, making economics accessible and beneficial to everyone.

We’re major nerds, so you can also come to us for the most up-to-date economic sources and information, such as news, trends, books, reports, and more.

We feel it is our duty and part of our social responsibility to provide information to laypeople so that understanding economics and economics analysis are not limited to few people.