Labor Productivity for Qatar

The performance of the output per worker from 1991 till 2021 for Qatar is represented in figure 2.

Somewhat erratic trend can be observed in labor productivity of Qatar.

It exhibits that after a brief period of static labor productivity during 1992-1996, the output per worker has increased sharply in 1997 but from 1999 it remains constant till 2003. After touching highest labor productivity in 2004, if followed a downward trend till 2021 with some fluctuations.

it reached the maximum, after it, the productivity of labor showed an overall decreasing trend till 2021.

Productivity of labor for Qatar was also adversely affected by the global recession in1991 and 2009 as depicted in figure 1.

Moreover, the covid-19 pandemic also contributed to the decrease in labor productivity however not as sharp as in the case of Saudi Arabia.   




Multifactor Productivity
(Total Factor Productivity) for Qatar

The series of the total factor productivity from 1974 till 2019 for Qatar is presented in figure 5.

Similar to Saudi Arabia, the total factor productivity for Qatar also posted an overall declining trend with some fluctuations over time.

Moreover, global recessionary periods including 1975, 1982, 1991, and 2009 also triggered negative total productivity growth.

Source: Penn World Table